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Steps to Recovery

The Changes Steps to Recovery programme has been developed in response to the need for people who suffer from mental distress to have a clear and structured path to assist in recovering from mental illness.

Over the past twenty years, Changes Steps to Mental Health has assisted thousands of people with their recovery from mental distress.

The Steps to Recovery programme consists of modules that are used as discussion points in the meetings to consider ways we can help ourselves to make positive changes in our lives.

At each of our support groups, we have 10 - 20 minute discussions that are based around these modules. This encourages people to challenge themselves and aids in the recovery process.

Very briefly, the Steps are:

  1. Admit you’ve got a problem.
  2. Take action.
  3. Trust and cooperate.
  4. Get the power.
  5. Use and develop wellness tools.
  6. Begin personal evaluation.
  7. Cultivate healthy thinking.
  8. Cultivate healthy behaviour.
  9. Realise that feelings may not be facts.
  10. Get on with your life.
  11. Give it time.
  12. Pass it on.

More detailed information about the 12 Steps to Mental Health programme is given to people when they attend our support groups.

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