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Changes Depressed Cake Shop

20 October 2013

On Saturday 19th October we held our pop up Depressed Cake Shop in the Market at the Moon in Stokes Croft. The event was expertly organised by our new publicity officer, Colette, starting very early in the morning with a BBC Radio Bristol interview promoting the shop and Changes and discussing the stigma that still surrounds talking about mental illness.

We had lots of volunteers, including many Changes members, both helping out on the day and baking goods for us. Several professional bakeries also helped to provide some amazing cakes! All our items were themed around mental illness, such as sad gingerbread men, black dogs of depression biscuits and grey coloured cakes with bright insides to illustrate the hope of recovery.

The Depressed Cake Shop is a concept that was started this Summer in London with the idea of breaking some of the silence surrounding mental illness, and raising money for mental health charities, through the medium of baking and cakes. We were able to spend the day telling lots of new people about the service that Changes offers and raised £125 which will be doubled by the JCT Charitable Trust to £250!

Changes Depressed Cake Stall

A very heartfelt THANK YOU goes to all our wonderful bakers, volunteers and helpers who gave so much time and effort before and on the day: Ali, for being a lovely interviewer on BBC Radio Bristol, Laura (Hart’s bakery), Gaynor (Lahoma Cakes), Patsy (Paradise Cakes), Bianca, Sarah, Phoebe, Simon, Nicholas, Linda, Louise, Debbie, Bronya, Rosie, Aiden, Sam, Jonathan and of course Colette!