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Boiling Wellness Update 22nd February

22 February 2016

We had another lovely time at our new Boiling Wellness day, making some great food from some delicious fresh ingredients.

We were back in the larch barn staying warm with the roaring wood-burner!

This week we made made beetroot an barley risotto. There was lots of chopping to do!

The recipe included lemon zest and lemon juice.

Also pearl barley, beetroot, spring onions, chard, carrots, celery and onions.

We also made a garlic crème fraîche to serve with the salad accompaniment.

As soon as we took the ingredients outside our friendly robin was back, helping himself to the freshly chopped walnuts which were going to be our topping!

While the risotto was cooking we planted some broad beans in a raised bed, which we'll hopefully be picking later in the year to use in some of our recipes, and made a label to mark out the bed.

We also found more signs of new life emerging in the grounds.

Then it was time to eat!

After food we went on a short walk to look at our new access route for the Boiling Wells site. The small tunnel by the site that we usually use will be closed for the next 10 weeks, so click here for details of the alternative route! Next week we will be making air-dried clay creations and cooking a pasta dish.