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Boiling Wellness Update 29th February

29 February 2016

This week at Boiling Wells we made Winter Squash Carbonara with Sage and created some clay designs. It was chilly outside and our friendly robin was back, joining us in the barn for some warmth!

In the grounds we found primroses flowering for the first time this year.

And lots more snowdrops were in bloom.

Inside, we chopped the butternut squash, onions and garlic and grated cheese for the topping. We took them outside to cook and our robin companion came over to check on our ingredients, but didn't find any to his liking this time.

Then we set about making some creations with air-dried clay, including pinch pots and coil pots.

We also made clay leaves by rolling clay onto leaves we found, which can then be used to fashion into bowls or hold tea lights.

Then it was time to eat!

Next week we will be making bird feeders and cooking a curry. And remember the underpass is closed so you need to follow our alternative route here.