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Boiling Wellness Update 7th March

7 March 2016

Today was our sunniest Boiling Wellness day of the year so far. We were greeted by the amazing new gates for the site...

...swiftly followed by a greeting from our favourite robin who appears to be becoming more spherical with each visit he makes to our cooking activities.

After a cup of tea and settling in we started work on this week's lunch, a coconut, sweet potato and chick pea curry. Sweet potatoes, garlic, onions and ginger were all chopped and the onions were softened in the pan.

Next we added spices, garlic and ginger. Finally we added the chick peas, tomatoes and coconut milk and left them to simmer.

While lunch was cooking we started on the activity for the day, making bird feeders. First we cut logs to size.

We then drilled large holes deep into the wood to fill with fat and seeds.

Finally we drilled smaller holes, for perches to feed from, and attached a string to hang it. We hung some completed feeders outside to see who we could tempt!

We put some rice on to cook, to accompany the curry, and there was just enough time for some more mindful mandala colouring!

...while our feathered friend watched over our simmering lunch.

Finally it was time to eat!

And while we washed up, the robin became the first customer at our new bird feeder!

Next week we will be sign-making for the vegetable beds and cooking pizzas in the cob oven! Please remember the access route is different for the next few weeks, details here