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Boiling Wellness Update 14th March

14 March 2016

It was so warm and sunny at this week's Boiling Wellness day that we were able to throw open the main doors of the larch barn and let all the fresh air and sunlight in!

Pizza was on the menu and a fire was started in the cob oven right away so it could get to a high temperature.

After a cup of tea we set about making pizza dough.

We kneaded the dough and left it beside the wood-burner to rise. In the meantime we made a sauce for the base which cooked on the outdoor stove with our robin over-seeing!

Next week we'll be planting in the vegetable beds, so this week we made some sturdy signs in preparation.

We sawed off cuts of wood and drilled posts to attach to them.

...and screwed the completed signs together.

Meanwhile, when the pizza dough had risen we cooked our pizzas in the cob oven.

Going back for seconds. And thirds!

When everyone was very full of pizza we washed up, again supervised by the robin!

We finished by recording a word or two about what we felt we took away from the day.

Next week we will be preparing the vegetable beds and planting beetroot. For dinner we'll be cooking a beanie chilli with rice. If you're a Changes member, please come along and support the day, it's something we're very lucky to have.