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Boiling Wellness Update 21st March

21 March 2016

Today was the first Boiling Wellness of the year where we didn't need to fire up the wood-burner and we could spend the whole time outdoors!  There were lots of signs of spring everywhere we looked.

We did all our food prep in the spring sunshine.

We made a chili which included onions, celery, swede, carrots, potato, aubergine, tomatoes, beans and spices.

While lunch was cooking up we cleared one of the overgrown raised vegetable beds, digging it through and uncovering lots of snacks for our friendly robin who was paying close attention.

It was lovely to be outdoors and really felt like spring.

Once the vegetable bed was cleared, lunch was ready and it was time to eat.

After lunch we planted chard, rocket and spinach in the freshly prepared vegetable beds.

We used the signs we made last week to mark what we'd planted and we watered the newly planted seeds.

There's no Boiling Wellness day next week due to the Bank Holiday. The week after, on April 4th, Becs and Elly will be taking a well earned holiday but Boiling Wellness will continue with Alex and Sophie leading a Wild Flower and Tree walk and helping us prepare soup and flat-breads. Remember the underpass will still be closed, so you'll need to follow the route here.