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Boiling Wellness Update 4th April

4 April 2016

Today the Boiling Wells site was bursting with nature!

There were tulips, the beginnings of blossom...


...and hidden opportunities to make a wish!

We found the broad bean beds we planted a few weeks ago were erupting into life!

Our first task was to explore the site, collecting nettles for the nettle soup. We wore rubber gloves to collect them and chop them finely.

We cooked up onion, stock, carrots and potato - adding the nettles and double cream later, to complete the soup.

While the soup was cooking we fired up the cob oven to toast some ciabatta.

For the pesto we grilled pine kernels on the wood burner and ground them and the wild garlic with a pestle and mortar adding some oil and then stirring in Parmesan cheese.

There was time for some of us to add to the journal we keep, recording all the things we get up to!

We topped the ciabattas with various combinations of cheese and pesto and toasted them just as the soup was ready to be served.

And then it was time to eat!

There was so much to do to prepare the meal this week that we didn't have an additional activity, but things are back to normal next week when we'll be trying our hand at cross stitch and cooking a risotto!

Any Boiling Wellness write up would not be complete without an appearance from our friendly robin! So here he is watching over our nettle collecting :)