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Boiling Wellness Update 18th April

18 April 2016

Today at Boiling Wells we were greeted by a warm outdoor fire.

There were many more signs of Spring and new blossoms had appeared

Volunteer officer Alex, who was helping us for the day, tended the fire which was central to the day's activities. When the flames died down we wrapped potatoes in foil and left them in the embers to bake.

After preparing a spicy chickpea and lentil topping, with chili, cumin, turmeric and garlic, we set out to find the elder and willow we needed to make pencils.

First we collected the willow to make the charcoal, and put these into a tin which went on to the embers of the fire

Then we found some straight elder branches which we cut into pencil sized pieces

The centre of the elder was soft and easy to push out, to make space for the charcoal

We took the willow tin off the fire, and while it cooled, we ate!

After a lovely lunch we opened the tin to find our willow had turned to charcoal

We then set about experimenting with putting the willow charcoal into the hollowed elder sticks, and tried our pencils out

We also tried mixing the charcoal with clay to give a different colour and texture

Next week we will be making memory-wire bracelets and survival bracelets, gardening and toasting sandwiches on an open fire (weather permitting!)