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Boiling Wellness Update 25th April

25 April 2016

There's more and more blossom every week at Boiling Wells!

We checked on our broad beans today - they were continuing to flourish...

...and the nearby rhubarb was also growing very well too

We were able to harvest some to take home with us!

This week we made a vegetable pasta soup which included onions, garlic, carrots, tomatoes, chickpeas and chili. It was topped with fried cabbage and almonds and accompanied by crusty bread!

Our activity this week was making bracelets from memory wire and paracord. Because of its hard temper, memory wire holds its shape and is perfect for stringing beads. Here's what some of our group made this week.

Paracord is a very strong cord used in camping and outdoor survival. Key rings and bracelets made from single lengths of paracord have become very popular so that you always have some on hand in case of emergency! This is a key ring we made today

Paracord has all types of uses, and after lots of perplexed attempts at making sliding knots we even managed to make an adjustable hanger for a ukulele!

It's a Bank Holiday on May 2nd but Boiling Wellness returns on the 9th. We'll be trying some experimental bread baking in the cob oven, cooking soup on an open fire, and we'll also be doing some drawing and gardening activities. Remember the tunnel is still closed and the alternative access route is here.