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Boiling Wellness Update 16th May

16 May 2016

Boiling Wells was in full bloom this week, with colour everywhere you looked!

Our broad bean plants continue to flourish...

We had lots of activities going on today, including gardening, art, and making more signs for our raised beds with wood from the wood store.

For our toasted sandwiches we lit a fire with newspaper and kindling, and then built it up.

While we waited for the fire to establish, we made some wild garlic pesto.

And then made sandwiches with various fillings, while our ever-present robin was ready to snap up any scraps!

We put the sandwiches into a greased sandwich-making iron.

We put the irons into the embers of the fire, occasionally removing them to check on the progress of our toasted sandwiches.

When they were ready we served them with salad and chopped peppers.

Next week we'll be cooking veggie stew and dumplings, continuing to observe nature through drawing and gardening, making popcorn on the fire and exploring uses for dandelion! The underpass is now open again so you can visit via the normal route.