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Boiling Wellness Update 23rd May

23 May 2016

We spent some time this week quietly appreciating the nature around the site, photographing, drawing, journal writing or just spending some time observing. There was a lot to see.

Some of us collected dandelions and removed the petals to put into the burgers

We mixed kidney beans, onion, flour, oats, eggs, milk, chives from the garden, oregano, coriander, garlic, salt and pepper, and mashed them to make into patties

When the patties were made we fried them on the outdoor stove

And once cooked we served them in crusty bread with goats cheese and salad

We won't be running on Bank Holiday Monday, but we'll be back on Monday June 6th when Elly and Alex will be helping us try our hand at some woodwork and we'll be preparing another meal together from fresh ingredients.