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Boiling Wellness Update 13th June

13 June 2016

Today at Boiling Wellness we began with some gardening, clearing some of the raised beds of weeds and planting seeds. There was lots of nature to take in

It was hot work but we made some refreshing mint water with mint from the garden to cool us down

Some of us helped updating the journal we keep of the activities we get up to

We also picked some of the herbs to use in a mixed salad which was picked freshly from the farm

And we fried up some halloumi to serve with the salad

We picked some elderflowers and washed them

Then we dipped them into a tempura batter we made earlier and shallow fried them in the outdoor kitchen to make elderflower fritters

They were very tasty and we served them with fresh lemon juice and sugar

Boiling Wellness takes place every Monday 11am to 3pm and is free to all Changes members!