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Boiling Wellness Update 25th July

25 July 2016

Today was Elly's last day at Boiling Wells and we cooked up a Mexican feast and baked cake on the campfire!

We made corn-based tortillas out of masa harina, a flavourful flour made from cooked corn kernels, forming a dough

We made this into dough balls to roll out and fry later

We made our own dips including guacamole from avacado, coriander and chilli

And we prepared lots of other accompaniments to serve with our tortillas

We were watched over by a new young robin, who was quick to collect any cheese that fell to the ground!

Next we set out to make the campfire cake! We made a standard chocolate cake mx

Then we hollowed out some large oranges, filled them the cake mix, wrapped them in foil and placed them in the embers of our campfire

Then it was time for lunch!

After about 25 minutes we took the oranges out of the fire and unwrapped them to find them filled with perfectly cooked hot orangey sponge - they were delicious!

Next week Alex will be helping us to learn to identify the trees on the Boiling Wells site and we'll be cooking up some kedgeree