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Boiling Wellness Update 1st August

1 August 2016

Today were we greeted by lots of different leaves in the barn!

Volunteer officer Alex had come down from the farm to teach us somethng about identifying the trees on the site and had written a dichotomous key to help

The dichotomous key was like a flow chart. It asked a series of questions about the tree we were trying to identify and through a series of yes or no answers we eventually arrived at the tree's identification. Once we'd learned how to do this, and some of the things to look for, we had go using the examples Alex provided.

We took a break from trees to prepare a meal of kedgeree! We picked some of our own radishes from the garden to have with it.

The table was decorated with wild flowers from the garden

The kedgeree looked amazing

We served everything separately so people could choose whether to add egg, tuna , plain rice, salad etc to their meal

Everyone agreed it was a meal we'd like to eat again soon

After lunch we put our new found tree knowledge to the test and looked around the site identifying trees using Alex's dichotomous key

Remember Boiling Wellness is free to all Changes members and runs from 11am-3pm every Monday except Bank Holidays