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Boiling Wellness Update 17th October

17 October 2016

Today at Boiling Wells we started on making a collaborative piece of art made from things we could find on the Boiling Wells site. We made paint from mud, clay and cinders, berries and even the spices we use in our cooking.

We collected leaves, berries and flowers for their colours and textures.

Some of the things we collected we hammered between sheets of paper which left an imprint.

Some of us took rubbings of textures we found around the site.

We used the paint we made to create interesting patterns

We used apples to make prints, blow painting and anything else we could think of to make interesting marks on the paper.

The work we made is going to be cut into shapes which we'll then put together to make larger abstract pieces. We also pressed leaves so we could use those too.

We downed tools for a lovely leek and potato soup with flat breads which we made together.

After dinner some of us got involved in the suprisingly popular activity of muck spreading!

The manure was dug into the raised beds which we have used for growing some of the produce we cooked with this year. We're looking after them now so we can look forward to growing plenty more next year.

Boilng Wellness runs every Monday, except bank holidays, from 11am to 3pm. It's free for all Changes members, just turn up on the day!