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Boiling Wellness Update 24th October

24 October 2016

Today we started preparing a meal of dahl and flat breads on arrival so we could allow the dough plenty of time to rise in the warm barn.

We collected up our mark making work from last week and cut out squares of the most interesting marks and colours. We sorted these into colour groups so we could show a gradation of colours collected from around the site.

Here you can see the colours we found range from black to purple, dark brown to warm brown, yellow ochre and orange as well as reds and greens.

The leaves we pressed were also cut into squares of rich Autumn colour to incorporate in our work.

It took us quite a while to cut out as many squares as possible.

The squares were placed in their colour groups on a black background for contrast. We were really pleased with the wide variety of colours and marks we had produced.

The rubbings we made of textures and leaves we found were particularly effective and it was nice to see actual pressed leaves next to the pigment we harvested from them by hammering them into paper.

Lunch was delicious as usual!

Here is the final layout of our combined efforts; an Autumnal rainbow of collected leaves, textures and pigments from around the Boiling Wells site. We are getting the panels laminated, then they will be displayed in the barn for all the site visitors to enjoy!