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Craft Drop-In

3 November 2016

On a rather dismal Thursday afternoon we congregated in the brightly lit Changes office where a large table was piled high with all sorts of Christmas themed craft materials. There was posh scrap booking paper, card blanks, embossing plates, origami paper, a huge selection of embellishments, templates, and of course glitter! Iris folding and embossing were the first crafts to get underway with some beautiful iris folded Christmas tress and embossed poinsettias produced.

There was a great selection of M&S cookies (other cookies are available!) which we taste tested thoroughly. The stem ginger were an expected hit as were the chocolate chunk ones. The pistachio and almond were surprisingly popular and the pineapple and coconut met with mixed reactions with some of us feeling that they scrimped on the coconut. We hope you’re reading this M&S!

After a little while we posted an update on our secret Facebook group which attracted likes from members who weren’t present. It was really nice to feel supported by people who hadn’t been able to make it to the event.

It was a very productive session; a good number of people turned up and helped and a very sizeable amount of stock was added to our collection of items for sale at the Clifton Christmas Fayre where we will have a stall. The company was fantastic as always when Changes members get together! We were thanked profusely on the day for our efforts and the next week got a lovely email:

"We had a Trustee meeting last week and we discussed the Christmas Fayre and the craft afternoon/evening you all had, they saw the stuff that was made and everyone thought the Christmas Fayre goodies look amazing. The Trustees were really impressed, as has been everyone who has entered the office and seen the things you all made and contributed to. I just wanted to pass on the feedback we have had and say a big thank you for everyone's efforts."