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Boiling Wellness 21st November

21 November 2016

Today it was raining heavily throughout the Boiling Wellness session so we decided to mostly stay in the warm, dry barn and prepared a hearty meal of potato and onion hash browns with beans and sausage. First we grated the potatoes, then added chopped onion and duck eggs.

We also collected windfall apples to make some apple cider vinegar.

Some delicious honey, lemon and ginger tea was made to help combat the weather.

We sliced the sausages and had a discussion about how best to heat them up.

It was the general consensus that we should simply mix them in with the beans which were heating in a pan on the wood burner.

The hash browns were fried outside and brought in when we were ready to eat.

Lunch was warming and delicious; just what we needed. Everyone had seconds!

It rained and rained and rained and rained and rained and rained and rained!

We dodged bigger and bigger puddles on our way out at home time.

Then found the tunnel had flooded while we were busy so we had to edge our way along the wide kerb at the side.

But we didn't mind because looking back we saw this!

Boiling Wellness sessions are held every Monday except Bank Holidays from 11am till 3pm. All Changes members are very welcome!