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Boiling Wellness 5th December

5 December 2016

Today at Boiling Wellness we made Christmas cards incorporating twigs we collected on the site and kraft card because we liked the natural look of it.

Some of us made up our own designs too!

We found small y-shaped twigs and cut them in half with a scalpel so we had two identical y-shapes with a flat back for glueing.

The twigs were used to make antlers for a fun Rudolph the reindeer design. We used googly eyes, a pom pom nose and metallic marker pens to embellish our cards.

We wrote our own choice of greeting at the top of the cards in metallic marker pen and outlined it in black so it really stood out!

While the strong wood glue dried on our creations, we enjoyed a hearty vegetable stew with dumplings.

Here are some of our finished cards and decorations that we made today. Everyone was really pleased with their end results and asked if we could make more cards next week!