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Today is Time to Talk Day!

2 February 2017

At Changes Bristol we support Time to Talk everyday with our support groups that operate around the city of Bristol.

We are proud of challenging the stigma of mental ill health that we have to deal with each day and our support groups provide a place where anyone over 18 can come and talk about their issues, problems and challenges in a safe, empathetic and confidential environment.  Talking about our feelings is one of the hardest things many of us will do and our peer support groups offer an opporunity not only to talk, but also to learn from others and to empower ourselves. Our support groups are not just for those currently having a difficult time, but an opportunity to help others with our own experiences and non-prescriptive advice.

We support Time to Talk day and hope that more people will have the courage to talk about their challenges and to challenge the stigma that many of us feel.

Changes Bristol supports Time to Change.