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Boiling Wellness Update

20 February 2017

Today was another bright and sunny day. While some of us prepared our lunch of quiche, new potatoes and salad, others made some pinecone bird feeders.

The bird feeders were made by tying string to pinecones and rolling the pinecones in lard and then seeds. When they were finished a few of us walked over to the Boiling Wells site and hung them up on trees around the barn area. We are hoping to attract a wider range of birds than our ever present robin.

Our potatoes steamed gently as our quiche baked in the oven. We are enjoying and taking full advantage of the facilities at the farm but are all looking forward to getting back to Boiling Wells.

The quiche turned out very well; we had had some misgivings about the thickness of the pastry we made and had to improvise with lentils as baking beans but we totally got away with it!

Lunch was lovely and most of us had seconds. When we had cleared away Bex showed us how to finish the books we had started making in a previous session.

We made hard covers for our books and chose the paper to cover the outside.

It was a bit fiddly trimming the paper to fit and glueing it on.

We were very pleased with our finished books and have been trying to think of what we could use them for. One idea we really liked was making flower presses and filling the books with a years worth of leaves and flowers growing at Boiling Wells.

Next week we might be making candles or we might be baking cakes; either option is a win!