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Boiling Wellness Update

6 March 2017

Our members enjoyed another bright and sunny day on the farm, our last session in the Connection Centre before our return to the Boiling Wells site next week.Today we were making vegeburgers with carrot, lentils, celery and onion, a salsa sauce and wholemeal rolls.

The burgers were quite sticky and we started oven baking them while making the rolls and the salsa.

We cleared up and started making our papier mâché bowls. First we tore up pieces of newspaper which was quite satisfying in itself.

We dipped the pieces of paper in a flour and water mix, then layered them carefully in bowls we had covered in clingfilm to use as moulds.

We left our bowls to dry out so they are ready to decorate with acrylic paint next week.

Meanwhile, in the next room we discovered some newly hatched chicks in an incubator. It would have been rude not to pick them up and feel their tiny scratchy feet staggering about on our hands.

This one still had part of the egg shell attached to it so we called it 'Michelle'.


We stacked our burgers high with spinach, salsa and fresh tomato.

Oh and maybe the odd bit of brie.

After lunch we had a catch up with our other farm friends.

If you are interested in coming along to a Boiling Wellness session for the first time, please email or pop into St Werburghs City Farm to pick up a registration form. Once the Farm has received this form they will invite you to meet one of their Volunteer Officers to find out more about getting started.