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Boiling Wellness

10 April 2017

Today we made cell paintings with acrylic and poster paints. We collected different colours of acrylic paints and we mixed the poster paints with PVA so they wouldnt crack on our canvases. To make cell paintings you need acrylic paints, pouring medium, silicone and plenty of cups and jars. We each chose three or four of our own colours which were premixed with pouring medium and silicone and poured them into a jar.

We put our canvas on top of the jar then flipped the two over and gave the paint a few seconds to settle.

We slowly lifted the jar and let the paint flow over the canvas.

Tilting the canvas made the paint spread further and we used a small blow torch to make more cells pop up in the paint.

Everyone was very pleased  with their painting and we were all excited about making a large painting together after lunch.

Even our used jars had lovely patterns!

After lunch we each had a clean jar in which to mix our preferred colours. There were eleven of us and we emptied our jars onto the large canvas at the same time.

We tilted the canvas to move the paint around and made sure all the sides were covered in paint too by dabbing them with our painty fingers.

There was a LOT of paint and it took a LOT of torching to make the cells pop up.

Here are some close up details of our painting. You can see the finished piece in our upcoming exhibition, details are here.

If you are interested in coming along to a Boiling Wellness session for the first time, please email or pop into St Werburghs City Farm to pick up a registration form. Once the Farm has received this form they will invite you to meet one of their Volunteer Officers to find out more about getting started.