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6 June 2017

Café Connect in Easton is the creation of Bristol Reconnect, a cutting-edge local charity supporting vulnerable people with complex needs. The café is almost entirely run by volunteers. Right now Café Connect is looking for people with strong kitchen or customer service skills to join their team, though training may also be available. Contact if you are interested.

Here's more information in their own words:

"Café Connect is a social enterprise. We use our profits to support the work of local charities. This includes Bristol Reconnect, based upstairs in the same building.

During the day (currently just Thursday, Friday & Saturdayday) we are open from 10 - 5. We serve high quality food and drinks: Coffees, teas, soft drinks, breakfasts, freshly made soups, salads, sandwiches and a small changing lunch menu.

During the evening (and sometimes at other times) we often open for events. Some of these events are one-off, but we also work with a range of local groups to create regular evenings, all with their own themes and styles.

Together with Bristol Reconnect, we are a hub in the local community. Bristol Reconnect have a meeting room, a hot-desking space, and offices above the café. These spaces are also available, especially for local residents and other community groups.

When we first moved into 114 St Mark's Road, the property was run-down and neglected. With extremely little money and enormous vision, dedication, hard work and love from many Bristol Reconnect members and volunteers, it has been transformed into a beautiful and welcoming space. Many of the individuals who played an essential role in its creation have histories of homelessness and mental health issues.

Bristol Reconnect's focus is on giving a voice to people who have faced severe disadvantages. We do this in a culture of mutual support, building strong long-term relationships based on mutual respect and honesty, where members feel a sense of belonging and can develop and share their skills. Without our members the café would not exist."