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30 August 2017


The meeting was held in 2 parts to allow for a separate discussion with the Hartcliffe, Easton and Knowle members who have different opportunities to make changes to the way their groups work.

We talked about the 12 steps and the modules, basing our discussion on comments received from the Hartcliffe group in particular, who relayed that they found the steps difficult to relate to as they found the language used very clinical and that the modules were similarly unfriendly.

We thought it might be sensible to get a group together to think about how to reword the 12 steps and we also revisited the idea of holding workshops around the steps to better help with understanding them or to use them as a weekly discussion topic.

We talked about ways to refresh the modules and considered discussion prompt cards with a few points or questions on. Hartcliffe group have already started having their own discussions and have so far talked about topics such as how technology can help, worrying, what makes you feel good.

We thought it would be good to keep the modules as well so that if there was one that was relevant to the discussion it could be given out to those who wanted more information.

We also thought about inviting occasional guest speakers to talk about topics such as mental health awareness, various hobbies that they find beneficial for their wellbeing e.g. gardening, food and mood or from organisations that might have something to offer our members such as Avon Wildlife Trust.

We also devoted some time to talking about social events and how we can best communicate information about these throughout the organisation, given that some people don’t go to meetings regularly, some don’t use facebook or email etc. We thought that text updates for meet ups etc might be a good idea for example if there’s a last minute venue or time change or a cancellation.

Christmas was briefly mentioned but we didn’t arrive at a definite plan other than perhaps allowing some budget for each group to hold their own small celebrations.