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Boiling Wellness

11 September 2017

Today we congregated in the cosy barn and tried out lots of different watercolour techniques. We used small squares of watercolour paper so we weren't overwhelmed by a vast expanse of white and were less worried about making 'mistakes'.

The idea was to create little backgrounds using the watercolours and then draw a simple black ink image over the top. The images could then be grouped on a backing card to make a piece of art.

We enjoyed creating paint 'bloom' effects, and used salt, wax resist, splattering, scumbling, washes and glazing among many other techniques.

We had examples of each technique with descriptions of how they were made so we could browse through them for inspiration.

Some of us were quite reluctant to pause from our activity and have lunch but we gave in.

Lunch was extra delicious today - creamy courgette pasta. Everyone had seconds!

Most of the paintings were dry enough after lunch to draw designs on.

Finished paintings were glued onto a piece of black card for contrast.

Some people chose not to draw but to use only watercolour paints to make beautiful compositions.

Some people took advantage of some outline stickers to make resist designs in their paintings.