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Boiling Wellness

18 September 2017

Today was part one of a three week project to process fleeces from the farm into felt or yarn to make products for the farm shop.

The first thing we needed to do was 'skirting'. This involved picking out lumps of dirt and straw from the fleece and arranging the fibres in roughly the same direction.

As each tray was filled it was taken to be gently washed in hot soapy water to remove most of the lanolin and any remaining dirt. We had to be careful not to agitate the fibres too much at this stage or they would begin felting before we were ready.

For lunch we made leek and potato soup with added chives, parsley and sorrel we picked from the site.

We had sourdough rye bread to accompany our soup.

After a leisurely lunch sat round the fire pit we progessed on to 'carding' which involved dragging the cleaned fleece between two hand carders to further align the fibres and remove any remaining unwanted matter left in the wool.