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Boiling Wellness

25 September 2017

It was a drizzly day at Boiling Wells as we prepared for session two of working with the fleeces from the farm.

Some of us carded more wool while others started making lunch.

Today we enjoyed a delicious dahl.

When enough wool had been carded, we moved on to the next phase of processing which was to felt the wool into a small pouch. To do this we wrapped large beach pebbles with thick layers of carded wool.

When the pebble was covered in a thick, fluffy layer it was plunged into hot soapy water which kickstarted the felting process which many of us had previously experienced in unfortunate laundry incidents.

When the wool was soaked in the water we rubbed it vigorously to encourage the fibres to matt together. We kept dunking and rubbing until we could see that our pebbles were covered in a densely packed layer of wool felt.