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Boiling Wellness

16 October 2017

Today had an eerie start with a red sun and yellow sky caused by Hurricane Ophelia dragging dust over from the Sahara. We needed the lights on in the barn when we started our journaling activity.

Different types of journaling were shown and and a variety of formats, including bullet journals, art journals, junk journals, photo albums, altered books, planners and mini books among others.

We had a lot of resources brought in for us to work with.

There were some old books for making altered books with.

Some of us folded mini books from rainbow paper.

There was even a cropodile and binder rings for constructing our own journals.

As usual there was plenty of time for tea, chat and laughter.

Dinner was even redder than the sun; we made beetroot soup.

We added cheese and sorrel to our soup which made a lovely contrast visually and in taste and texture.

Most of us completed some kind of book to journal in and everyone wanted to carry on the activity next week.

Once the sun was back to normal we were able to see how the sunflower seeds were coming on.

We were also able to appreciate the beautiful, intricate detailing in the wing of a sycamore seed.